Finance Internships in India 2021


We at Coniecto, provide a unique career opportunity in Finance. It is our mission to give back, as we too once, were students. It is our privilege to encourage young talent and provide them with the work experience they need.

The Finance industry is growing and so are the demanded skills! Prepare yourself for your dream job – whether it is working with the best Finance companies in India or abroad such as JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Moody’s, RBI as well as boutique firms and startups.

We hope to catch your eye when you search for Summer Internship Opportunities 2021! However, note that we provide internships throughout the year.

2020 was a crazy year for finding internships, job opportunities as well as college admissions! Not only did the year affirm the need for new workplace safety practices but also taught us the efficiency of working from home.

Look no further for remote Finance internships in 2021 (with us, 100% virtual!). You can do it from any location – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, the UK, New York, North Pole, Antarctica – what have you!

All can apply – undergraduates (Bachelor’s), postgraduates (Master’s) and working professionals in Finance – MBA Finance, MSc Finance, BSc Finance, BBA, BCom, BCom Hons and more. Non-Finance folks who want to learn Finance can also apply!

Coniecto Investments is a proprietary investment company. So, it is fair to say we know a bit about investing. We can set up an investment related project for you – a hot topic these days – or any other topic of interest!

Apply and register for free today. Note that there are limited openings!!

Head to our Careers section for the brochure for additional details. Here, we address all queries such as those pertaining to stipends, job opportunities, etc.


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