The Coniecto Finance Internship Program

The Coniecto Finance Internship Program

Are you worried about summer internships? Is it a compulsory course requirement? Unable to find a job quickly? Worried about gaps on your resume? Tired of unresponsive corporates? 80% of people are stressed about the current job market, thanks to COVID-19.* Are you one of them?

We understand. Been there, done that.

We have a solution. Empower yourselves with us, today.

We, at Coniecto, provide internship opportunities to students in Finance. We want to empower individuals to gain the requisite work experience that they need to achieve their goals and the skills demanded by the Finance industry.

Solution – Customized DIY internships at Coniecto.

  • Get the work experience that you need. Choose the project you want. Work 100% remotely.
  • Personal mentor. Structured program.
  • Letter of recommendation for exceptional projects. Additional career support.

Refer to our article – “Why you should intern with Coniecto” for a list of all the benefits that we provide.

The way we do this is by operating a unique “Internship-As-A-Service”1 model. Unlike traditional internships, we do not pay stipends. We will be helping with your academic, personal, and professional development. Our charges are a fraction of what you invest in your education. The value we add is unquantifiable.

The program is available throughout the year, starting May 2021.

However, limited seats available for each batch. Apply today!!

Oh and also, 15% discount for the first 5 applicants2.


Head to for the Brochure and Application Form (It’s a Google form).

Refer to the article “Internship Program FAQs” for queries.

Mail us at


*Survey details available on request.

1Trademark filed with the relevant authorities.

2See Brochure for details.


Coniecto Investments is a quantitative investment company. We are an equal opportunity company.

Coniecto Investments is a proprietary trading firm with the UAM registration number MH19D0157962 authorized by the Government of India MSME.

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