Why you should intern with Coniecto

Why you should intern with Coniecto

Hello there! We presume you read https://blog.coniectoinvestments.com/index.php/2020/12/07/the-coniecto-finance-internship-program/ and wanted to know more about how this internship program can be of use to you.

Let’s talk about Benefits!!

  1. Option in changing job market scenario. Enough said!
  2. The program starts in summer 2021 but remains open throughout the year. You can do it at any time! (Subject to the availability of seats of course so make sure to apply ASAP).
  3. Custom duration. Can last upwards of 2 months. While it can take time to find your dream job or get admission to your desired college, there is no need to risk having a gap in your resume. Having a gap is not necessarily a bad thing but can be a stressful thing to navigate during interviews. It’s always best to make the most of your time – full-proof strategy!
  4. Custom job description – The project is designed according to YOUR needs, goals, and interests. Let’s harness all the latent curiosity. Cool topics.
  5. Custom format of choice – Excel model, Research Paper, or Investment Thesis. Besides, you can make it colorful and modern. No limits to innovation or strict rules for the number of pages.
  6. Personalized Mentorship – Guidance and provision of suggested edits after each submission review (this is akin to how mentors guide mentees for their research thesis in college). You can count on us to be extremely professional.
  7. Structured project deadlines and execution. You get to pick your deadlines.
  8. Remote work from any corner of this planet. You don’t have to risk contracting a deadly disease to work with us!
  9. Good quality research will be published on our blog – we will showcase your work. This too is something you can flex on LinkedIn!
  10. A letter of recommendation will be provided for exceptional project work. Excellence ought to be acknowledged and celebrated.
  11. Non-Finance folks can also do this internship to gain an increased understanding of Finance. We believe anyone can learn Finance. The best way to learn something new is to learn it through a hands-on project with real-life applications. The more usable and personalized or relevant for your future goals it is, the better.
  12. Although the benefit we provide is unquantifiable, we have kept the rates for the internship program fairly reasonable. We understand that most folks applying for this are students who aren’t earning yet.


We provide additional career support – this can be availed off on a standalone basis as well. For eg. resume building and interview preparation through mock interviews!

Fees: (Pricing in the brochure)
Covers the cost of mentorship, custom internship, and program structuring.

Limited Seats. 15% discount to the first 5*.

Link to Brochure*: https://coniectoinvestments.com/careers

APPLY HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepVxwAGVtX00EYj1dAQIQ2F1lGlUJHRE0aA33przz0Q9P5Mw/viewform

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