Interview Prep Hints

For your internship interview with Coniecto Investments.

We receive a lot of applications. This is how you can prepare to stand out.

  1. Be thorough with your resume.
  2. Think about your future path. What role are you aiming for? What is your goal?
  3. Do your own SWOT analysis (Pertaining to Finance of course).
  4. What kind of project do you want to do? (At the very least, narrow it down to a broader theme like equity research/portfolio construction/personal finance/wealth management/risk management/trading, etc).
  5. Format of the project? (Research Paper/Investment Thesis/Financial Model).
  6. Be up to date with Financial news – the latest happenings in markets.
  7. Conceptual Finance questions (Some general, some relevant to your project area).

General guidelines:

The interview will be held through a video call. Arrange to have a room to yourself for half an hour. Use earphones/headphones – whatever suits you. Ensure that you have a working internet connection. Keep your CV with you. No compulsion to dress formally, just dress decently 🙂

All the best!

Interviews begin soon.

If you haven’t applied yet, I suggest you do it now at Fill up the Google form and we will reach out.

Limited seats for the summer batch.

The result of your application will be conveyed to you within 24 hours of the interview.

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