Internship Program FAQs

Is it a paid internship?

Unlike traditional internships, we do not pay stipends. We operate the Internship-As-A-Serviceā„¢ model. We will be helping with your academic, personal, and professional development. Our charges are a fraction of what you invest in your education. The value we add is unquantifiable.

The ethics of internships dictates that any person who does any work for an institute should get paid. We will not be getting any of our own work done by interns in the internship program. If we hire you as a regular employee, you will be compensated fairly.

Why is it a chargeable service?

The charges cover mentorship fees plus the cost of offering a custom project. The job description will be crafted separately for each of you – in accordance with your needs and interests. Refer to

What’s different about interning with Coniecto?

You get to do the work you want, the way you want to – you have more creative freedom. The whole idea is to empower you to take your career path into your own hands. It’s an exercise in personal responsibility and therefore, freedom. The job market dynamics keep changing and we want you to prevail in the face of all adversity.

What is our selection criteria?

We are looking for individuals who are willing to be responsible for their work and follow their curiosity, are humble and well-behaved.

When can I apply?

The program starts in May 2021 but will remain open throughout the year. Apply as soon as possible to book the seat for the months of your choice. Limited seats are available.

Do I need to know Finance?

No, you can apply. If you want to learn about Finance, a hands-on project would help you retain and apply what you learn. This is also one way to gain work experience in Finance when you don’t have a degree in it. The internship project will be designed with your current level of knowledge and skills in mind. It would your responsibility to do the necessary reading and exploration. We will support you and provide useful resources.

Can I mention the internship on my CV?

Yes, once you have completed the internship and all associated formalities have been completed – such as the internship completion certificate has been provided to you.

We (Coniecto Investments) will publish the serial numbers and verification codes on its website for all successfully completed internships so that universities and employers are able to verify the authenticity of certificates. The name on the certificate must match your Aadhar card or Passport.

What is the application process?

You have to fill the Google form. The form requires you to submit your resume. If selected post form response screening, there will be an interview.

How will the internship program be conducted?

100% remote, online. You can do this from any corner of the world. Stay safe.

I have more queries. How can I reach you?

Mail us at

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