Summer Internship Topics 2021

Summer Internship Topics 2021

Here are some examples of the internship projects you could take up with us. You can choose any topic of your choice and mention that in your application form. It can even be the same as below, a variation of the below or completely different.

Refer to for details about our internship program.

  1. Research Paper – Can ESG investing yield superior investment returns?
  2. Excel Model – Trading Strategy: Back-testing the efficiency of RSI as a trading signal.
  3. Excel Model – Portfolio Management: Construct your personal stock portfolio by optimizing select parameters.
  4. Investment Thesis – Give a buy/short call for an investment opportunity in US Technology stocks.
  5. Research Paper – Can the VIX index predict market crashes?
  6. Research Paper – Do IPOs burn your cash or multiply it?
  7. Research Paper – Emerging risks in risk management (cybersecurity, climate change)

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